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change & innovation
We aim to be a tech company that advances our customers’ daily lives through sustainable change and innovation.

We express special thanks to all our customers for supporting Keyang Electric. Keyang Electric specializes in the manufacture of power tools. Through 45 years' accumulated technology and experience, we have firmly maintained our innovative status in power tool technology.

We have expanded our business to motors for vehicles by not only supplying Hyundai/Kia but also serving as business partner for global automakers through sustainable progress. We are broadening our horizon in motors & e-mobility technology.

Based on the endless love and support of our customers, we will make an unceasing effort to challenge ourselves in advancing their daily lives.

Always analyzing and researching the market and customers, we will face the future actively armed with new values and our customers’ desire based on inventive thinking and creative challenge.

We will practice ethical and transparent management and establish a law-abiding business that fulfills social responsibility based on a sound financial structure.

We sincerely ask for your encouragement and support for us to become a global tech company leading the motor industry.

Thank you.

CEO Younghwan Lim



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