About Us
Keyang Electric Machinery
Brand Story

In 1977, the story of Keyang Electric began from technology related to the daily life of customers
and continued to the current construction, industrial sites, and automotive motors business.
Fifty years later, we are Korea's leading power tool brand that is trusted and loved.
With competitive product development and continuous innovation,
we will try to become a hi-tech brand that values the satisfaction and emotion of our customers as a top priority.

Brand Essence
Progress for Trust

The fundamental value driving Keyang Electric is "Trust".
We continue our innovation to maintain our customers’ trust.
We always progress, every moment and advance based on such faith.

We aim to be a leading global technology firm.

The innovation that Keyang Electric speaks of does not settle for today's innovation.
Achieving innovation for tomorrow through incessant technology development and procurement of quality control.
That is how we lead not only South Korea but the global technology industry.

Progress in your Life

The advancement of Keyang Electric’s technology is for the daily life of customers.
We continue our endless journey of innovation until our advancements, become advancements for our customers' daily lives.

We exist to create a world where everyone can live together.

We want to create creative and dynamic technologies so that everyone can discover all possibilities around the world and grow dreams, based on Keyang Electric's technology.
Keyang's technology will bring inspiration to customers‘ daily lives.


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